Habit Science

What is habit science? Glad you asked. Lots of brands claim to help you create healthy habits but they don't mention anything about how habits work. If you've ever failed to beat a bad habit or stick with a good one, it's not your fault. Habits are complicated and relying on your willpower isn't enough.


Luckily, modern psychology has a lot to offer when it comes to understanding habits.

For example, how does a habit form, why are they so automatic, and how do you beat a bad habit? These are all questions that will be answered here!

Our goal is to guide you in your journey to develop healthy habits. What you learn here will apply to behavior in general and help you in every area of your life!

If this is your first time in the Habit Science section, start by reading Habit Science 101 then geek out on the other stuff. We're working on adding a lot more content in the near future so check back often!

Habit Science 101

Learn about the habit pattern discovered by a research group at MIT and how it hijacks your brain!

Keystone Habits

Learn about a rare habit that will give you the highest return on investment for your time and effort.

Habit Stacking

Learn a simple 2-step trick we call Habit Stacking that will supercharge the habit formation process!

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The Greatest Habit Books of All Time... Required reading to learn about developing power habits!

The Power of Identity 

How to harness the power of identity-based habits and transform your life!