Fuel for Your Adventure

Hydration & Energy POWERED BY PROTEIN

Hydration & Protein Have Teamed Up

We had a simple idea. What if we removed the sugar found in big box hydration drinks and replaced it with protein? That's the origin of ProLoco but, we didn't stop there. ProLoco is supercharged with ocean-mineral electrolytes, essential vitamins and natural crash-free caffeine (optional). A 4-in-1 drink to fuel any adventure!


ProLoco isn't your average hydration drink. It’s cleaner, healthier, and powered by protein instead of sugar! It’s designed not just to hydrate the body, but also to promote lean muscle, provide steady energy, and crush cravings! All this in one refreshing, delicious, easy-to-mix drink!

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ProLoco Más

ProLoco Más is like ProLoco Original but with more protein (21 grams per serving). Most protein drinks are milky, but ProLoco Más is fruity and refreshing! It's designed to support muscle growth & recovery, hydrate the body, support healthy brain function, and boost energy levels.

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We Get It

Life is Loco

Sometimes you barely have the energy to get through the day and turn to “junk fuel” like soda and energy drinks to get by.

ProLoco gives you sustained energy so that you can go from surviving to thriving!

Power-Up with ProLoco

Don't Breakdown & Miss Your Adventure

Life is like a road trip. If you fuel with junk you'll break down and miss your adventure!

Power-Up With ProLoco

Hydration + Protein Drink Mix

A Refreshing 4-In-1 Protein Power-Up

Not Your Average Protein Drink

3 Flavors You'll Go Loco For!

All you need is 16-24 oz of ice cold water, and a trusty shaker bottle to mix it up! Check out our delicious flavors below!

Piña Colada

So refreshing you'll feel like you're on a beach! Featuring a sweet coconut flavor with just the right amount of pineapple tang, this flavor is our best-seller!

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Açaí Blueberry

This is for people who enjoy the tartness of açaí, mixed with just the right amount of sweetness from fresh blueberries. It's a refreshing berry blast!

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Mango Lime

Mango Lime summed up in a single word is Tropical! It's sweet, with a hint of lime that makes you feel like you've escaped to a beach south of the border!

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ProLoco was built for the chase

From Busy Mom's to College Athletes, ProLoco was built for life's adventures!


I'm a busy Mom and ProLoco is the perfect all-day hydration drink to keep me energized!


Seattle, WA


I was a formal college athlete and know how important hydration is. I love how ProLoco keeps me hydrated and keeps my muscles fed with protein at the same time!


Las Vegas, NV


I keep ProLoco in my bottle all day! It helps me avoid junk foods and stay hydrated!


St. George, UT