Fuel for Your Adventure

Hydration & Energy POWERED BY PROTEIN

Hydration & Protein Have Teamed Up

We had a simple idea. What if we removed the sugar found in big box hydration drinks and replaced it with protein? That's the origin of ProLoco but, we didn't stop there. ProLoco is supercharged with ocean-mineral electrolytes, essential vitamins and natural crash-free caffeine (optional). A 4-in-1 drink to fuel any adventure!

We Get It

Life is Loco

Sometimes you barely have the energy to get through the day and turn to “junk fuel” like soda and energy drinks to get by.

ProLoco gives you sustained energy so that you can go from surviving to thriving!

Power-Up with ProLoco

Power-Up With ProLoco

Hydration + Protein Drink Mix

Don't Breakdown & Miss Your Adventure

Life is like a road trip. If you fuel with junk you'll break down and miss your adventure!