What is Protein Water & Should You Be Drinking It?

What is Protein Water & Should You Be Drinking It?

Protein helps build and repair muscle, helps crush cravings, and contributes to a healthy body composition. There are millions of protein-based snacks and supplements available but one of the newer options to come out is protein water.

What Is Protein Water?

Most protein drinks come in variations of two flavors, chocolate, and vanilla and they have a milky consistency.

Protein water, in contrast is kinda like a sports drink. It's lighter, refreshing, and typically comes in fruity flavors.

This is accomplished by using a special filtration process so that the protein, usually whey protein isolate, mixes up clear in water.

A lot of people who don't like choco/vanilla protein drinks find protein water to be a delicious alternative that helps them meet their protein needs.

There are versions of protein water that come pre-bottled and ready to drink and then there are powder versions that can be easily mixed up with water in a shaker bottle.

With our protein water, ProLoco, we opted for the latter because we wanted to make sure it would pack well on any adventure!

From Adventure Power-Up to Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

At HydroSwell, we took the concept of protein water and super charged it to create one drink to rule them all!

We knew we couldn't just add clear protein to water and call it good like all the other options out there. 

Instead we wanted to see how many benefits we could pack into one drink while still making sure it tasted great. 

We wanted ProLoco to be both an Adventure Power-Up and an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up so that whether you're at the office, out on the water, or up a mountain, you could depend on it.

Read on to learn how ProLoco can benefit you!

#1 Complete Hydration

Complete hydration requires both water and electrolyte replenishment. Drinking water alone won't cut it, in fact it can actually make dehydration worse. ProLoco contains the essential electrolytes your body needs to actually hydrate properly. 

#2 Improved Focus & Immune Support

A stronger immune system and a focused brain allows you to work hard and play harder. That's why we've added Vitamins C & B to ProLoco to make sure your brain is ON and your immune system is too.

#3 Crash-free Energy

We knew we needed a caffeinated option to make sure ProLoco was a true Power-Up! ProLoco + caffeine has all natural crash-free caffeine to give you a boost when you need it!

#4 Build Lean Muscle, Crush Cravings, and Burn Fat

We've touched on this already but the protein in ProLoco is going to help you build lean muscle, crush junk food cravings, and help burn pesky fat.

What's NOT in ProLoco

These days, what's not in something can be just as important as what is. ProLoco has zero sugar and zero artificial colors, sweeteners or additives so you have nothing sketchy to worry about!

Should You Be Drinking Protein Water Regularly?

You can most definitely get all the protein you need by eating whole foods throughout your day, but drinking ProLoco will benefit you if you're looking to...

  • Build lean muscle
  • Burn fat
  • Hydrate properly
  • Improve focus
  • Support your immune system
  • Get crash-free energy
  • Avoid junk foods

To learn more about our super charged protein water, ProLoco, CLICK HERE!