How Hydration Changes in Winter

How Hydration Changes in Winter

If you're hitting the slopes this winter or spending any time out in the cold, there's something you need to know about hydration.

Our bodies DON'T quite function the same in cold weather as they do in more normal temperatures.

For example in cold weather and at high elevations, your thirst mechanism gets whacky.

Usually, a very reliable built-in function of the body is thirst but in cold weather and at higher elevations, aka. the slopes, you don't get thirsty when you should. 

That means your body loses fluids and electrolytes and you end up getting dehydrated without any warning.

On the flip side of that, you can get in trouble from overwatering.

When you know you're not going to feel thirsty, but are trying to be proactive about hydration, you run the risk of drinking too much water. 

When you drink too much water, you can actually dehydrate yourself further by flushing out essential electrolytes.

The scientific term for that is hyponatremia.

So, what do you do? 

You don't just drink water, you consume a hydration drink enriched with electrolytes. 

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With ProLoco you don't just get optimal electrolytes but also craving killing, muscle building protein, energizing vitamins, and none of the bad stuff, like sugar and artificial additives. 

Why Worry About Hydration Anyways? 

It all boils down to optimal fluid balance.

You are water. 

What I mean by that is, you're made up of fluids.

When you have optimal fluid balance your blood flows well, your brain works like it should, and your organs stay the right size and function properly. 

In summary, your body works like it should.

Why Hydration is Even More Important In Cold Temperatures

The metabolism goes into overdrive 🔥

When it's cold, your metabolic rate goes into overdrive to keep your body temperature steady. The warmer you get the more you sweat and lose fluids and essential electrolytes. 

You pee more 😐

Weird right? Studies show that in cold temperatures, blood pressure rises and that causes the kidneys to excrete more urine making it even more crucial to replenish fluids. 

You Sweat More Than You Think 💧

Most people don't associate cold weather with sweating, but when you're all bundled up and doing even moderate activity, like shoveling a snowy driveway, you're losing a lot more fluids than you realize! 

Thirst Goes Whacky 🤯

At cold temperatures and at high elevations, the brain doesn't send the proper signals to make you feel thirsty. That means you can get dehydrated without even realizing it. 

A Word of Warning

Most hydration drinks are LOADED with sugar and artificial additives that are not healthy.

Unless you are an elite athlete, you should avoid the sugar and nobody should be putting artificial additives into their body.

Remember to hydrate well when it gets cold out there!

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