Electrolytes Powered by the Sea

Not all salt is created equal. 

Many salts contain anti-caking agents and even dextrose (sugar). Others have been heat processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals.

In ProLoco, our refreshing protein + hydration drink, we use electrolytes powered by the sea aka. Real Salt

Real Salt is actually found in Utah and it's mined from what used to be an ancient sea bed.

It's unrefined, full of natural minerals, and has a unique, slightly sweet flavor

But all salt comes from the sea right?

The short answer is yes, but there's a caveat.

Many people have concerns, as they should, about sea salt that comes from our current oceans due to the acid rain, mercury, lead, toxic waste, sewage, garbage, radiation, and oil spills.

Real Salt found in ProLoco contains the same amount of trace minerals you would find in sea water today, but has been preserved underground, tucked away from modern pollution.

But I thought salt was bad for me?

A lot of people think this due to outdated medical advice and as a result, many people aren't actually getting enough sodium!

Salt is essential for life Salt is–and always has been–essential for optimal health.

The human body is made up of 72% salt water and 28% minerals.

Typically, when you're admitted to a hospital, you are usually hooked up to an IV, which feeds saline solution (salt water) quickly into your body.

So, the question is not, “Should I be eating salt?” but rather, “What kind of salt should I be eating?” Because of the additives and lack of trace minerals, most salts are not good for you.

A 2006 study published in The American Journal of Medicine, tells us that “sodium intake of less than 2300 mg (the daily recommended allowance) was associated with a 37% increase in cardiovascular disease mortality and a 28% increase of all-cause mortality.”

In other words, people who consume too little salt are more likely to die than other people.

The Difference = Trace Minerals

The Real Salt in ProLoco is superior to typical white salts because of the things that aren't removed.

Real Salt is approximately 98% sodium chloride and 2% trace minerals, and it’s these 60+ trace minerals that provide essential nutrients to your body.

Some of these minerals don’t dissolve in water, (which is why you'll notice some separation and minerals settle at the bottom of your bottle of ProLoco if it sits for awhile) but they are bio-available meaning your body can absorb and use them as nature designed and are great for your health.

Quick Tip: When you start to notice a bit of separation when drinking ProLoco, just give it a quick shake and you'll be good to go!

Fuel Your Adventurous Life The Clean Way with ProLoco!

Real Salt is just one of the powerful ingredients found in ProLoco that are designed to give you the energy you need to fuel your adventurous life!

When it comes to electrolytes, it pays to be picky and use electrolyte infused drinks like ProLoco that have unrefined Real Salt.

To give ProLoco a try and to learn more about the other ingredients designed to give you energy and help you kill cravings, click below! 


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