Clear Protein Mix n' Match Starter Pack

Typical protein powder can be chunky, chalky, and a chore to drink. 

HydroSwell Clear Protein is juicy, refreshing, and thirst quenching!

Each serving packs 20 grams protein, zero sugar/carbs, and NO artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or sugar alcohols.

In short, it's everything you dreamed protein could be but never was—until now.

Build lean muscle, crush cravings, and hit your protein goals the juicy way!

Welcome to the next wave of protein. 

Clear Protein Mix n' Match Starter Pack Includes: 

30 Servings (2 Bags)  ($80.00 $60.00$2.00/serving

Frothy Electric Whisk  ($20.00 FREE)

HydroSwell Shaker Bottle ($15.00 FREE)

Shipping & Handling ($10.00 FREE

Starter Pack Includes: 

Two 15 Serving Bags of Clear Protein ($80 Value)

FREE Frothy Electric Whisk ($20 Value)

FREE HydroSwell Shaker Bottle ($15 Value)

FREE Shipping & Handling ($10 Value)

Plus a HydroSwell "Tropical Vibes" Fridge Magnet 🤙🏽

$125 VALUE | Starter Pack Price = $60

✓ $60 mix n' match refill ships free (30, 60, or 90 days)
✓ Adjust or cancel shipments anytime
✓ Keep the free bonuses even if you cancel

Choose your flavors!

Taste the Clear Difference

HydroSwell Clear Protein has zero sugar/carbs and no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or sugar alcohols. So, what makes it such a sweet protein treat? We blend premium, ultra-filtered whey protein isolate with freshly made natural flavors and two natural sweeteners: allulose, found in figs, and Ono Sweet®, a patented zero-calorie sweetener from sugar cane. It tastes great, leaves no aftertaste, has zero glycemic response, and helps reduce land and water use by 90% compared to stevia. At HydroSwell, we understand that ingredients matter. Get stoked to taste the clear difference!

FAQs + jokes. 

What makes HydroSwell Clear Protein different than other protein? 

Where do we start?...Typical whey protein comes in flavors like chocolate or vanilla and can be chunky, clumpy, and a chore to drink. 

HydroSwell Clear Protein comes in fruity flavors and blends easily into H2O (ice cubes welcome)! It's dependably juicy and refreshing, lactose-free, easy on the gut (no bloat), and has NO artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or sugar alcohols.

What are the benefits? 

Protein builds and repairs muscle. It also helps you feel full which may contribute to weight loss and/or healthy weight management.

How do I make it?

Add 1 serving to 12-16 oz of water and "shake it till you make it" using a shaker bottle or get frothy and mix it with an electric whisk. Foaming is normal. Wait about 60 seconds for it to settle and transform into clear refreshing protein! Add ice for extra chill.

When should I use it? 

Our bodies need protein every single day, so you can drink HydroSwell Clear Protein anytime. Many customers drink it post workout, first thing in the morning, or as a drink with their meal. You do you. Drink up! 

What does it taste like? 

It tastes kinda like a sports drink or juice. Get ready to be refreshed! 

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