Two EASY Habits to Develop to Reduce Anxiety, & Stress, Guaranteed!

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I'm going to get right to the point.

If you implement the following two habits in your life, you'll be better equipped to manage negative emotions and reduce your anxiety and stress levels, guaranteed. 

  1. Wake up relatively early and, most importantly, at the same time each day.
  2. Eat a breakfast high in proteins & fats and low in carbs. 

There's one other thing you can add to this equation that will boost these positive effects even further. If you want to know what that is and why these two habits have such a positive impact on your mood, read on! 

The Science

These two essential habit tips come from Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and author of a best-selling book called 12 Rules for Life (which I recommend by the way).

When Dr. Peterson administers to a patient struggling with depression he recommends two things right off the bat. 

First, he has his patients wake up in the morning, relatively early and, most importantly, at the same time every day.


The system that manages negative emotion in the brain is directly connected to maintaining a healthy cyclical circadian rhythm.

In other words, the brain is better equipped to handle negative emotions when you have a consistent sleep routine.

Second, he has his patients eat a breakfast high in proteins and fats right and advises them to avoid carbs especially simple carbs and sugars. 

Yes, you may need to say goodbye to Lucky Charms and that tall glass of OJ in the morning.

Why no carbs?

Simple carbs are rapidly digested which causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly and then to fall just as quickly. When this happens, your energy levels follow suit as does your mood.

People who struggle with emotional disorders are extra vulnerable to this because oftentimes, their bodies release abnormally high levels of insulin and cortisol and can become physiologically unstable when blood sugar levels are in rollercoaster mode.

A high protein-fat breakfast acts as a blood sugar stabilizer and helps stabilize mood and wellbeing.

If you do eat any carbs, make sure they're what's called complex carbs because they'll digest slower in your system and won't cause such drastic blood sugar fluctuations. 

What are the results?

Peterson has had many clients whose levels of anxiety & depression were reduced from full blown emotional disorders to what's referred to as subclinical levels where the issue is still present but manageable. 

Whether you have a prescribed emotional disorder or you could just do with a little more calm and steadiness in your life, start with these two simple habits!

They seem too easy to be effective, but science shows otherwise!

The Secret Ingredient

By the way, in case you're feeling a little bitter about having to ditch your orange juice or aren't used to eating a high protein breakfast, we have a solution for you!

It's called ProLoco!

It's a a crazy new hydration drink infused with protein that's light and refreshing, has zero-sugar/carbs and is loaded with energizing vitamins B & C. 

When you sleep you go without fluids for 7-8 hours so it's not only important to get a breakfast high in protein & fats but also to rehydrate!

Consider adding ProLoco to your new breakfast routine!

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Here's Your Habit Development Action Plan

  1. Set your alarm for the same time each morning and force yourself to get out of bed regardless of what time you went to sleep! 
  2. Make sure to get that high protein/fat, zero/low carb breakfast in each morning and consider making ProLoco a healthy part of that breakfast!