The Secret to Crushing Your Goals is to Avoid the Crabs 🦀

You know how it is.

You get excited about a new goal, maybe you want to lose weight, learn to surf, or run a marathon, and your first reaction is to go out and tell people about it.

This is a good idea because accountability and group support will help you hit your goals, but you've got to watch out for the crabs 🦀.

What's a crab you might ask?

Let me tell you a story.

A man was walking along the beach and noticed another man casting his fishing line over the end of a pier. As the first man drew closer to the fisherman, he saw that the bait bucket had no lid, and to his surprise, it was full of sea crabs crawling on top of each other. Knowing the crabs could certainly escape, the man wondered why there was no lid. He asked the fisherman, “Why isn't your bait bucket covered so the crabs won't escape?” The fisherman explained, “You need to understand that if there's a single crab in that bucket, yes, it could certainly escape. However, since there are so many, if one tries to crawl out, the others grab onto it, making sure it can't escape and will meet the same fate as the rest of them.”

There are people in your life that are like those crabs, they want to drag you down.

When you tell them about your goal, rather than be supportive, they say things like,

"You really going to be able to handle that?"

"Don't you think that's biting off more than you can chew?"

"I know somebody who tried that and now they're worse off than they were before."

"Yeah, good luck with that buddy". 

You want to avoid these people at all costs because to hit your goals and create healthy habits in your life, you need the momentum that comes from feeling excited and motivated.

That initial momentum is crucial to developing new healthy habits and if you go out and tell the crabs in your life about your plan, that excitement will be snuffed out!

So, the next time you get excited about doing something new tell only those who you know will support and help you, then make a plan and go out and work hard.

By the time the crabs in your life find out, you'll be too far ahead to be dragged down by their negativity.

Just remember, the secret to crushing your goals and developing healthy habits is to avoid the crabs 🦀 !