Keystone Habits: Habits that Make Everything Else Easier or Unnecessary

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At HydroSwell we're leading the next wave of nutrition! 

We believe that by focusing on creating healthy habits, as opposed to focusing on short-term fixes like fad diets, and really diving into the science of behavior, you'll give yourself the best chance at living a long and fulfilling life where you...

  1. Feel your best!
  2. Look your best
  3. Live your dreams!

Our products are just tools to help you create healthy habits!

But, as you know, change is hard.

This blog post will teach you how to make it easier. 

Keystone Habits

First off, what is a keystone. In the image above, you see a picture of an arch. In the middle of that arch, there's a green brick. That's the keystone. 

The keystone is crucial because it's what holds the whole arch in place. Remove it, and the arch falls. 

Keystone habits are habits that seem to be a catalyst for other healthy behaviors. 

Researchers have identified one Keystone Habit that is a catalyst for improving overall health. 


But I Thought Abs Were Made in the Kitchen!

So before you click away from this email because you don't want to hear someone tell you to exercise for the millionth time, let me explain.

There are dozens of behaviors you could choose to get healthier. 

You could, eat more vegetables, drink more water, get adequate sleep, meditate, the list goes on and on and they're all good things.

For most people, their first instinct is to do them all but that's the quickest road to failure. 

The key is to focus on one habit at a time.

BUT, there's a loophole, sort of. 

Researchers have found that people who focus on developing keystone habits seem to develop other good habits simultaneously.

People who create an exercise habit, tend to start to...

Eat Healthier

Get More Sleep

Avoid Sugar

Hydrate Better


It seems that keystone habits sort of break the behavior norms in the sense that they allow us to create more than one good habit at a time!

The truth is, researchers aren't 100% sure why. 

Some speculate that it's because when people exercise, they don't want to undo their progress by engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

They have skin in the game so to speak.

All that matters to us though, is that it works.

Your One Item To-Do List

If you have a laundry list of things you should be doing to improve your health and you don't have a habit of regular exercise yet narrow your to-do list to one item only.


Even if it's something simple like a walk each morning.

If you want to get the highest return on your investment, exercise is the habit to create first! 

Remember, it takes on average 66 days to create a habit so stick with it for at least 66 days and start today! 


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