Are You A Dense Eater? Caloric Density Explained.

Want to know how to eat fewer calories, feel more full, and develop a lean healthy physique, naturally? Read on amigo.

A quarter pounder with cheese and a quarter pound of spinach weigh the same, but the burger has 14 times the calories. You might be surprised to learn that if you ate the quarter pound of spinach you could be just as full as if you ate the burger.

Science has proven that it's not so much the number of calories we eat that makes us feel full, rather it's the weight of the food we eat. If your goal is to have a leaner, stronger body, developing a habit of prioritizing low caloric density foods will serve you well!

Caloric density is simply a measure of the number of calories in a food divided by the weight of the food. Low caloric density foods have fewer calories compared to their weight while the opposite is true for high-CD foods.

Caloric Density Equation

Caloric Density Battle
Chocolate Chip Cookie vs Celery
Cookie: 130 calories / 28 grams = 4.64
Celery: 4 calories / 28 grams = 0.14
WINNER = Celery

You don't have to eat like a rabbit though. Chicken breast, watermelon, greek yogurt, and a lot of other foods all have relatively low caloric density. It's all about weighing your options (see what we did there) and choosing the ones with lower caloric density!

The Miracle Ingredient = Water

Water has zero calories so the more water a food has, the lower its caloric density. For example, fresh fruits contain water, while dried fruits don't so it would be better to opt for fresh fruit even though on the surface they're the same thing.

Water is the reason our hydration + protein drink mix, ProLoco is so beneficial to anyone looking to have a leaner stronger body. With zero sugar and only 32 calories per serving (all from protein), it has a very low caloric density when mixed with 18 - 24 oz of ice-cold water, plus it's delicious!

Protein has also been proven to be the most satiating macronutrient meaning it helps you feel full, so ProLoco is a go-to craving killer. 

If your goal is to develop a lean, healthy physique, remember, don't be so dense. Prioritize foods that have a low caloric density and consider making ProLoco our hydration + protein drink mix a part of your daily routine to help you crush cravings, have more energy, stay hydrated, and boost your focus!