MCT + Gut Support
MCT + Gut Support
MCT + Gut Support
MCT + Gut Support

MCT + Gut Support

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MCTs are healthy fats that convert into ketones, a clean source of energy for the brain and body. They are also known to increase satiety and may help with weight management.

HydroSwell MCT Powder is made from coconuts and blended with acacia fiber, a natural prebiotic that supports a healthy gut and regulates blood sugar. It has a potent ratio of pure C8 and C10 MCTs which quickly convert into ketones providing non-stimulant energy without a crash later. 

Together MCTs and acacia fiber optimize the gut-brain axis, providing instant energy, satiety, and gut support!

Mix into your morning beverage, smoothies, and more! 


Our packaging is totally tubular and good for the environment!

♻️ 100% curbside recyclable and 100% paper-based!

🌱 Plant-based label made from recycled hemp.

Biodegradable inner zipper bag ensures max freshness!

10% of all profits to ocean cleanup + conservation 🤙🏽