Our philosophy is built around a framework we call the Hierarchy of Habits.

We can’t take all the credit for it though. Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist, first discovered that humans must have their needs met in a specific sequence to experience self-actualization aka. fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. He called his discovery the Hierarchy of Needs.

Leaning on Maslow's discovery, we've developed our own proven framework we call the Hierarchy of Habits. The idea is simple. If we can develop the right habits in the right order to ensure our needs are consistently met, self-actualization is all but guaranteed.

 The Hierarchy of Habits is best visualized as a pyramid that's made up of 5 sections. The universal human desire is to reach the pinnacle (Self-Actualization) and the path to get there is to build the right habits starting from the bottom.

It's counterintuitive, but oftentimes, to improve your life in one area, you have to actually look at what habits you're lacking in the levels below. For example, many people find that when they have the right health habits (Level 1), they are better equipped to create a sense of security in their lives (Level 2) they can give more to their relationships (Level 3) and they achieve more in their career & other similar pursuits (Level 4).

You might be thinking, "I know lots of people who have successful careers but have terrible health habits & shallow relationships, how do you explain that?"

We're not saying it's impossible to have success in one level without solid habits in the levels below it, but unless you have your whole house in order, you'll never reach self-actualization which is the ultimate goal. Besides, any success you already have will be magnified even further when you have your habits in order in the lower levels.

At HydroSwell, our focus is on supporting your health and fitness habits (Level 1). We also strive to create a community of like-minded Swell Chasers, that's what we call the people riding our wave with us, who support and encourage each other!

The path to self-actualization isn't for the faint of heart. It's an expedition and it will take effort and persistence, but stick with us, the view from the top is worth it.

Get ready, your adventure awaits!

For a brief overview of the 5 levels of the Hierarchy of Habits pyramid, see below.

#1 Health

The first level of the Hierarchy of Habit pyramid is, get this, your health! To unleash your potential, you'll need to develop the right health habits which include proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits. This is the main area we will focus on and help you accomplish.

#2 Security

This includes things like having a decent living space, having employment that allows you to pay your bills, and day-to-day stability.

#3 Belonging

We're social creatures and we need to belong to communities that support and care for us. It's important that each of us belongs to diverse communities that help us better ourselves & expand our worldview.

At HydroSwell we have a growing community of like-minded "Swell Chasers" (that's a nickname for the people in our tribe) on our social channels. Search @hydroswell on any major platform and we'll be there!

#4 Esteem

Esteem is all about achievement and accomplishment. There are many areas of life where this need can be met including career pursuits, supporting and raising a family, working to further charities that matter to you, and more!

#5 Self-Actualization

After you've developed the foundational habits in levels 1-4 you can access self-actualization and experience the maximum level of meaning and purpose.