H2PRO Acqua Pura Protein | 21 Servings

Typical protein powder can be chunky, chalky, and a chore to drink. 

H2PRO is a new breakthrough whey protein isolate + prebiotic powder that's clear and tasteless!

Each serving packs 15 grams protein, prebiotics, and NO sugar, sweeteners or colors.

Just mix into H2O (ice cubes welcome) and prepare to be refreshed!

Try it unflavored or infused with a splash of natural flavor!

Build lean muscle, crush cravings, and fortify your gut with H2PRO.

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✓ 21 Servings per bag ($2.14-$2.62 per serving)
✓ Shipped in recyclable plastic-free materials
✓ 10% of profits to ocean clean-up + conservation

H2PRO: Protein that tastes and feels like H2O

H2PRO is a new breakthrough whey protein isolate + prebiotic powder that's clear and tasteless in whatever you mix it in, even water! Our protein goes through what we call "waterfication", a proprietary filtration process that transforms it from creamy and clumpy to clear and refreshing! Try H2PRO unflavored or infused with natural flavors that splash around on your tastebuds as you sip! Just mix into H2O and get refreshed. Welcome to the Whey of Water!

FAQs + Jokes. 

What makes H2PRO different than other protein? 

Where do we start?...Typical whey protein is creamy, clumpy, and comes in flavors like chocolate or vanilla. 

H2PRO Acqua Pura Protein is the first whey protein isolate powder that's clear and tasteless mixed in water. It's lactose-free, easy on the gut (no bloat), plus it's blended with prebiotics to make your gut happy! 

Unlike most protein, H2PRO has no sugar, sweeteners, or colors, so it's as clean as it is clear! Get it unflavored, or infused with natural fruity flavors! 

Mix in water to experience protein that tastes and feels like flavored H2O. Try it in smoothies, juice, coffee, and more for a protein + prebiotics power-up!

What are the benefits? 

Protein builds and repairs muscle and promotes "fullness" which may contribute to weight loss and healthy weight management. Prebiotics promote a healthy gut!

How do I make it?

In your shaker bottle, add 1 serving to 14-20 oz of water and "shake it till you make it" or get frothy and use an electric whisk. Foaming is normal. Wait about 1-2 minutes for it to settle and transform into clear refreshing aqua pura protein!  Add ice for extra chill.

Try H2PRO in your smoothies, coffee, tea, and more! 

PRO TIP: H2PRO keeps great in the fridge if you don't drink it all in one sitting! 

When should I use it? 

Our bodies need protein every single day, so you can drink H2PRO anytime. Many customers drink it post workout, first thing in the morning, or with their meal(s). You do you! Make daily protein one of your healthy habits and drink up! 

What does it taste like? 
H2PRO is virtually tasteless! H2PRO Unflavored disappears into any liquid you mix it in. H2PRO + Natural Flavors tastes like water (or whatever you mix it in) infused with a splash of flavor! 
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🌊 10% of all profits to ocean clean-up & conservation. 🤿

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The orca-dontist.

🌊 10% of all profits to ocean clean-up & conservation. 

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🌊 10% of all profits to ocean clean-up & conservation. 🐡 🐠