MCT + Gut Support | Starter Pack

MCTs are healthy fats that convert into ketones, a clean source of energy for the brain and body. They also increase satiety and may help with weight management.

HydroSwell MCT Powder is made from coconuts and blended with acacia fiber, a natural prebiotic that supports a healthy gut and regulates blood sugar. It has a potent ratio of pure C8 and C10 MCTs which quickly convert into ketones providing non-stimulant energy without a crash later. 

Together MCTs and acacia fiber optimize the gut-brain axis, providing instant energy, satiety, and gut support!

Mix into your morning beverage, smoothies, and more! 

MCT Starter Pack Includes: 

30 Servings MCT + Gut Support ($55.00 $35.00)

HydroSwell Electric Whisk ($20.00 FREE)

HydroSwell Shaker Bottle ($15.00 FREE)

Shipping & Handling ($10.00 FREE)

$100 VALUE | Starter Kit Price = $35

✓ $35 MCT refill ships at your frequency (30, 60, 90 days)
✓ Adjust or cancel shipments anytime.
✓ Keep the free bonuses even if you cancel before your first renewal. 

Got questions?  

What are MCTs? (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

MCTs are healthy fats that convert into ketones and provide energy to the body and brain. HydroSwell MCT + Gut Support is made from coconuts, nature's cleanest source of MCTs. The coconuts are made into a powder and blended with prebiotic fiber for a potent energy + gut support combo. 

What do MCTs taste like? 

HydroSwell MCT + Gut Support is exceptionally light, easy-to-mix, and tasteless making it a perfect addition to coffee, smoothies, tea, and more. 

How do I use MCT + Gut Support? 

Mix 1 serving into coffee, tea, etc. It's tasteless and mixes instantly so it's easy to incorporate into any routine.